About D.E.Solution

About D.E.Solution

Who we are


D.E.Solution, SPRL is an international consultancy firm founded by Dr. Elena Shulman and Dr. David Massart with offices in Brussels, Belgium.

David Massart, PhD

David Massart, PhD Dr. Massart is a technical strategist with a proven record building distributed information architecture and large-scale service-oriented architectures. He has a PhD in information modeling and object-oriented design with more than 15 years of object-oriented software development experience. He is an expert in technical and semantic interoperability, leading several open standards groups for interoperable systems integration, authoring international API and metadata standards and specifications. Dr. Massart is a hands-on project manager and technical coordinator leading international software engineering teams and working closely with developers on pragmatic and efficiency-building solutions. He co-founded D.E.Solution to develop innovative information architectures taking advantage of his skills and experience in software engineering, interoperability, and knowledge management.

Elena Shulman, PhD

Elena Shulman, PhD Dr. Shulman is a recognized expert on digital asset management, semantic interoperability, educational digital content quality assessment, metadata and controlled vocabularies. She has extensive experience in managing premier information retrieval infrastructures both in Europe and the United States. Dr. Shulman has experience managing pan-European projects and working with stake-holders ranging from policy makers, content repository owners, and software developers. She is guiding research, services and quality control since co-founding D.E.Solution.


  • BigData.Company, The Netherlands
  • International Baccalaureate, Switzerland
  • Agro-Know, Greece
  • European Schoolnet, Belgium
  • British Educational Communications & Technology Agency (Becta)
  • Research Executive Agency, European Commission (IST Programme)
  • Research Promotion Foundation, Republic of Cyprus
  • Selected Recent Publications

    • D. Massart and E. Shulman. Unlocking open educational resources (OERs) interaction data. D-Lib Magazine, 19(5/6), May-June 2013.
    • D. Massart and E. Shulman. ASPECT: Learning specifications at work. IEEE Learning Technology Newsletter, 13(3):7–11, July 2011.
    • D. Massart, E. Shulman, N. Nicholas, N. Ward, and F. Bergeron. Taming the metadata beast: ILOX. D-Lib Magazine, 16(11/12), November/December 2010. doi:10.1045/november2010- massart.
    • D. Massart and E. Shulman, editors. Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Search and Exchange of e-le@rning Materials (SE@M’10), volume 681, Barcelona, Spain, September 2010. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Available as http://CEUR-WS.org/Vol-681.
    • D. Massart. Towards a pan-European learning resource exchange infrastructure. In Y. Feldman, D. Kraft, and T. Kuflik, editors, Proceedings of the 7th conference on Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems (NGITS’2009), LNCS 5831, pages 121—132, Haifa, Israel, June 2009. Springer.